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FOXP1 Race for Awareness


We are back with the 3rd Annual FOXP1 Race for Awareness hosted by Mia's Movement!

This has been a year of leaps! Amelia just completed her third year in developmental preschool and she will start kindergarten in August 2024. Amelia continues to work so hard weekly with horse therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, behavioral therapy, and aba therapy. Although this may seem like a lot, these amazing therapists and teachers have become such a big part of Amelia's life and she loves them all dearly. When Amelia isn't in school or therapy, she loves music, dancing, being outside, swimming, playgrounds, running around, crafts, swinging, being with other kids and so much more. She is using her voice more to express her needs. She is eating more by mouth. Her fine motor and gross motor skills continue to improve and she is learning more colors, numbers, shapes, and letters. 

Amelia has her struggles and some days are harder than others, but the strength and resilience she shows daily is truly amazing. Amelia is who God made her to be, and she is perfect and thrives in her own way. We thank you all for supporting her and our family over the past 6 1/2 years! 

The money we raise will help provide family support to those affect by FOXP1 Syndrome and further research into the FOXP1 gene. The first FOXP1 Research Conference for Scientists will be hosted in June 2024 and the next family meet up will be hosted in Holland 2025. Both events are incredibly important to the FOXP1 community and the medical world. Making the connections between those who are affected and research, is key to furthering the growth and potential for our loved ones with FOXP1 Syndrome.

FOXP1 syndrome is considered a rare disease that is caused by a mutation or change to the FOXP1 gene. The gene is located on chromosome 3 and includes the instructions or “recipe” for making the FOXP1 protein.  As a member of a family of transcription factors, it is vital in regulating the expression of other genes.  FOXP1 controls when and how specific genes affect the development of the nervous system, along with many other systems. When a gene like FOXP1 does not function properly it can lead to a wide range of developmental delays and medical needs. 

The International FOXP1 Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that is managed and staffed by parent volunteers. They are committed to supporting those who have been impacted by FOXP1 Syndrome and strive to establish regular venues for fundraising in an effort to further research and possible treatments.

When: August 10, 2024

Start time: 9am

Where: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Sports Fields - 14598 Oak Ridge Rd, Carmel, IN 46032 

Cost: $35 per person  

*additional donations can be made together with registration fee*

If this is not the right time in life to donate, we completely understand. Instead, we ask for your prayers for Amelia and our family and that you please still join us to walk/run for Mia's Movement - FOXP1 Race for Awareness!

Thank you so much!

We are using a new platform this year to register.

Please contact Caroline Dury for any questions: cdury@foxp1.org

For those who can not join us this year in-person,

still join us by walking/running in honor of Mia's Movement in your hometown!

We would love to see pictures and we will do our best to get you your t-shirt before the event on 

August 10, 2024.

Thank you!